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If you’re new to garment making, you might be wondering, ‘What’s a pattern?’

No, we’re not talking about polka dots, paisley, or plaid. Decorative prints like these give a garment style.

But – behind style – at the core of every garment is ‘the fit’.

Great fit relies on a great pattern.

So, what is a pattern?

Simply put, patterns for clothes are a blueprint or cut-out that gets laid on the fabric, shaping the pieces that get cut to make a garment. Whether it’s a uniform for Tuesday night basketball or a high-end designer dress, every garment gets made using a pattern.

Why do patterns matter?

Think about your favourite pair of jeans.

What makes them your favourite? It’s probably a mixture of things. The stretch and softness of the denim. The perfect washed colour. Perhaps the designer logo. And the way they hug you in all the right places – the way they fit. Well, fit is formed by the pattern.

So, the pattern is a component. It’s one you probably don’t even think about when it’s done well – but one you definitely notice if it’s not.

It’s the difference between the pair of jeans that dig in or drag down and – therefore – stay in the cupboard. As opposed to the pair you grab every time because they feel like a dream to wear.

Will using the same pattern as someone else mean my garment won’t be unique?

Good question! The process of getting a pattern made ensures every pattern is unique-ish and therefore produces a unique garment. Even if you were to use the same pattern though, it doesn’t matter – as it actually comes down to the design.

A garment features multiple elements, like the feel of the fabric, the colour, the logo, the price point – and the body wearing it too. All these factors combined mean you can make two different garments using the same pattern and they end up being exactly that – different.

is important

In addition to great fit, customers want consistent sizing. There’s nothing more confusing – and annoying! – than needing one size in one garment and a different size in another.

Consistent sizing relies on consistent patterns. But all patterns for clothes are not created equal. In fact, there’s a lot of subjectivity based on the experience and capability of the pattern maker.

Heard of a ‘tech pack’?

Many mistakenly believe tech packs guarantee a great garment. Not true – they just provide the basic measurements to make a pattern. But a pattern is only as good as a pattern maker’s skills. It’s the knowledge learned over a career that makes the measurements fit well, feel great, and deliver consistent fit and sizing across multiple garments.

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Our productivity almost doubled and the design process (time has reduced) by 26%.

Chris Sharpe, President at Out Of the Ordinary Company

With Pattern Room’s easy-to-use functionality, Out Of the Ordinary Company hit the ground running and is now able to provide a better product and fit to their customers. They create endless combinations of patterns and especially love the on-trend patterns ready-made for the sportswear market.

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