who’s behind
our patterns?

Meet our head pattern
maker, Julia

Behind every great pattern lies a great pattern maker.

Behind the 300,000+ brilliant patterns on Pattern Room, you’ll find Julia Van Der Sommen – busily leading a talented team creating even more patterns!

Julia is an exceptional (and prolific) pattern maker, queen of ethical fashion manufacturing, and the heart and soul of Pattern Room.

How Pattern Room started

With 30 years’ experience working in design and offshore manufacturing, Pattern Room was born from witnessing the frustration of others.

Time and time again, Julia heard “I’ve got 4,000 patterns and nothing works. I don’t know what to do!” and “I just need a simple T-shirt. Why do I have to go through this process?"

She realised there had to be an easier, faster, and cheaper way to make patterns using modern technology. Starting with a lot of determination and just 50 basic patterns, Pattern Room was born.

Pattern Room today

Great things grow fast and Pattern Room now offers a vast catalog of 300,000+ patterns. Julia and her pattern-making team continue to create more every day from their busy workroom in Collingwood, Australia.

Every single pattern is made, tried and tested – so we know they work. Our customers agree they’re a cut above the rest.

Two things are priceless:
    1. The look of joy on their faces when they see a garment work first time
    2. Knowing we’ve prevented countless poorly-fitting garments being made

Today, we exist to rid the world of poorly-fitting clothing and empower the production of more sustainable sports, lounge, corporate and active wear. Our mission is to utilize technology to create a new benchmark across both pattern and garment making. We’re here to help transform your business towards a better apparel industry for all.

Our Values

Be Practical

We’re focused on practical application over theoretical ideas, aiming to create ease and solve everyday problems.

Lead Boldly

We strive to boldly ‘lead the way’ towards a more practical and sustainable industry that utilises the power of technology to create global change.


We believe in making marked change by triumphing over challenges through strength, courage, perseverance and continuous learning.

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